I have seen no shortage of something in Noor Eye Hospital!
The conversation came after the representatives of Turkey's Dünyagöz Eye Hospital visited Noor Eye Hospital. We are very pleased to hear such positive comments on Noor Eye Hospital from our Turkish c...
February: Low Vision Awareness Month
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person with vision impairment or low vision is someone who has less than 20/60 vision or a visual field less than 20 degrees in the better eye, and ...
What We Should Know About Infantile Cataract
We have all heard and read that cataracts show up at an elderly age, usually in the fifth and sixth decades of life. This is not the whole story because another form of cataract, the infantile catarac...
Noor Eye Hospital: The Best Eye Hospital in Iran
“No matter where we are in the world, Noor Eye Hospital will always be the most trusted eye hospital we will choose for treating our eyes. ” It was part of a conversation between the father and son th...
Young couple from England at NOOR Lasik Unit
This young and happy couple are Mahna and Navid, who have come to visit Noor Eye Hospital from England. Mahna, Navid's wife, who had previous acquaintance with Tehran Noor Eye Hospital, encouraged her...
Happy New Year
Noor Eye Hospital congratulates all Christian citizens on Jesus Christ's birthday, as well as the new year 2020. We wish you all a happy and prosperous year.
Happy Ancient Yalda Eve
Yalda is a beginning to pay tribute to the final season of the year; a gelid and ice-cold moment which is seemingly replete with life, but is in fact a prelude to the creation of the spring anew, and ...
Tehran Noor Eye Hospital had a Guest from India
Kazem Seyyed, who was born in India and resides in the United Arab Emirates, was referred to Noor Eye Hospital in December to undergo femto-LASIK surgery. He was pleased with the services provided in ...
Happy World Sight Day!
Sight is a window into the world. Good eye care helps us see beautifully for a lifetime. We wish all eye care professionals and optometrists across Iran, especially our colleagues at Noor Eye Hospital...
Get Familiar with Cataract and its Timely Treatment
Our brilliant eyes, the windows of our soul and body to the world, become vulnerable over time, so that they gradually lose their function and lead to vision loss. This warning sign indicates the pres...
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