Noor Eye Hospital: The Best Eye Hospital in Iran

“No matter where we are in the world, Noor Eye Hospital will always be the most trusted eye hospital we will choose for treating our eyes.

” It was part of a conversation between the father and son that after years of being away from home, their eyes were treated at Noor Eye Hospital.

For undergoing a high-quality eye treatment by the most experienced and skillful Iranian ophthalmologists, who are working at Noor Eye Hospital, they came to Iran from Kuwait.

Mr. Masoud Khalidi said: “I have been impressed with the peaceful environment of Tehran Noor Eye Hospital. Before visiting this hospital, I had never imagined such a relaxing atmosphere.

” At the end, he expressed his satisfaction with the choice of Noor Eye Hospital and said: "The welcome of the Iranian ophthalmologists and hospital staff was excellent and we (my son and I) are very happy to be treated in Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital.”