Get Familiar with Cataract and its Timely Treatment

Our brilliant eyes, the windows of our soul and body to the world, become vulnerable over time, so that they gradually lose their function and lead to vision loss. This warning sign indicates the presence of an unintended guest: Cataract. Like many other age-related changes, cataracts appear in all people between the age of 60 to 75, which, if not treated timely, will lead to blindness and deprive the patient from the pleasure of seeing forever.

According to the World Health Organization, cataract is one of the most important causes of world blindness and affects 18 million people in the world. Fortunately, advances in ophthalmology and the latest developments in cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment have led to timely detection and treatment of cataracts. Noor Eye Hospital and its subspecialty clinic, with more than two decades of successful activities in the field of ophthalmology, have utilized the most experienced ophthalmologists and the latest surgical equipment and techniques to restore clear vision of patients with cataracts.

The mission of Noor Eye Hospital and its clinic is always to offer the best, highest-quality and fastest ophthalmic services. Hence, for the first time in Iran, we utilize femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, "the most advanced cataract surgical procedure in the world", to treat cataract patients more comfortably and confidently, so that they can return to their normal life and every day activities as soon as possible.

“With us, no patient with cataract suffers from blindness.”