White Hair Removal

At Noor Iranian Polyclinic, we offer specialized skincare, and hair, laser, and beauty treatment services.

One of the main features of Noor Iranian Polyclinic is that by providing experienced doctors and specialized staff, it offers the highest quality services in a beautiful hygienic environment to you, dear clients.

Among the services that we provide to applicants at Noor Iranian Polyclinic, we can mention the removal of white hair:

Laser hair removal for white and blonde hair 

Treatments for removing white and blonde hair, which were performed using older laser technologies, often resulted in the regrowth of the hair. Although new equipment is available today and the treatment results for removing white and blonde hair are much more dramatic than before, it is generally difficult to achieve the desired results of laser treatment for white and blonde hair. It is important that before any treatment, you are aware of the effective methods for removing white or blonde hair and carefully research the proper methods of removing this excess hair. Laser treatments for white and blonde hair are relatively new, and not all laser types will be effective for these types of hairs. Treatments that can be applied to lighter hair include Epilight and the ELOS combination system.

Epilight laser system

Epilight is only effective on blonde hair. Usually, no trace of excess hair is seen in the treated area for several years after treatment. If excess hair grows back after epilation treatment, it will be as thin and fine as a baby's hair, and the number of hairs will be much less than before.

Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS)

Electro-Optical Synergy is a hybrid system that combines light energy with bipolar electrical current. The electro-optical system for removing blond and white hair produces fewer side effects than other laser treatments. It uses both light and electrical pulses simultaneously. Electrical energy from the pulses is directed to the hair follicles, which have been pre-heated by the light pulses. This process has a greater effect, as it includes more than just a single pulse of light. The Electro-optical system is more effective on blonde and colored excess hair.

Alexandrite laser system

The Alexandrite laser system for removing excess hair has a good effect on white hair. Alexandrite laser systems include GentleLase, Apogee, EpiTouch Plus.

Pre- Laser treatment care tips

Light hair pigments can be dyed a darker color to help with longer-lasting hair removal results. Hair dye colors the hair follicles, thus increasing the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments and giving you more laser options. Meladin is an example of a pigmenting dye that affects blonde hair. This dye is made from natural ingredients in marine squid ink. Hair coloring increases the melatonin in the hair roots and helps the laser to target light hair better.

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