Alborz Noor Eye hospital

Alborz subspecialty eye hospital began its activities in July 2013 and was expanded two years later by adding specialty surgery rooms. Today, with the most advanced clinical and paraclinical equipment as well as its experienced specialists and personnel, it provides all ophthalmic services to the citizens of Alborz Province and its surrounding areas, and also strives to consolidate its position among other medical centers in the province.

Surgery Department

The surgical theaters and hospital rooms of Alborz Noor Eye Hospital are considered as important advantages of this medical center, consisting of six operating rooms with perfect equipment and hospital wards.
The hospital's total surgical capacity is enough for 1500 to 2000 surgical procedures to be admitted and performed per month.  Alborz Noor Eye Hospital provides all common ophthalmic services in both fields of eye examination and ophthalmic surgery by the best specialists and equipment.
In this regard, the latest and most reliable equipment is used. The latest version of LASIK devices are utilized for refractive surgeries.



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