A complex of Apartment Hotels Near Noor Eye Hospital

For the comfort and convenience of international patients, Iran-Tehran Noor Eye Hospital has provided a complex of apartment hotels to accommodate these patients near the hospital. The proximity of the apartment hotels to Noor Eye Hospital is one of the most important advantages of them that allows international patients to reach the hospital quickly, in less than 3 minutes, at any time of the day or night if needed.

In addition, the apartment hotels have all the necessary facilities, including free high-speed Internet access, top-notch amenities, three-bedroom apartments and all the necessary facilities for the international patients and their families or companions. The complex provides international patients with a comfortable and secure accommodation. The cost of these apartments is also cheaper and more affordable compared to other hotels or apartment hotels in Tehran.

The international patients can book one of these apartments before their arrival in Iran via WhatsApp Messenger, +989120994170. Each of these apartments are completely separate from each other, so that the international patients and their companions can have more comfort during their stay in Tehran.

Free Shuttle Service

Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital has provided the international patients and their companions with a free convenient shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, so that after the arrival of each international patient and his/her companion, they will be transferred from the airport to the hotel and then to the Noor Eye Hospital by modern taxis and experienced drivers of the free shuttle service. Also at the end of the international patient’ stay in Iran and after completing his/her treatment, they will be transferred back to the airport from the apartment hotel by the free shuttle service.

For more information on Noor Eye Hospital’s international patient services, please visit www.noorvision.com or call +982182400.