Why Choose Iranian Clinic? Why Choose Noor Iranian Polyclinic?

Iran is a vast country with seven thousands years of civilization, the intersection of culture, art, spirituality, science, and politics in East and West Asia, and a bridge at the heart of the Middle East on the way to the North, South, East and West of the world.

Medicine in Iran began with the formation of civilization in this land; nowadays with the rapid development of medical science, Iranian therapeutic and pharmaceutical methods are still considered by the world's most prestigious academic and research centers.

Modern Ophthalmology Knowledge in Iran is more than 70 years old, however, this science has existed in Iran since ancient times. Today Iranian ophthalmologists have interacted closely with the most prestigious academic and clinical centers in the world, attend accredited Iranian and international congresses and seminars annually, and deliver dozens of articles and scientific lectures. They continue to spread this valuable knowledge across Iran to control the prevalence of various ophthalmic diseases and prevent blindness.

At present, Iran has made great progress in the field of medicine and ophthalmology, and has been ranked 17th in the world and first in the Middle East and North Africa in international assessments.

Noor, with nearly three decades of continuous diagnostic, therapeutic and research activities in the field of ophthalmology. has achieved significant successes in the development of ophthalmic knowledge and treatment of patients with eye diseases, what makes its name, “NOOR”, as a reputable name in the field of ophthalmology, in Iran as well as around the world. After careful marketing research studies, Noor opened its first international branch in Muscat-Oman, with the aim of expanding its ophthalmic activities.

The purpose of launching Noor Iranian Polyclinic is sharing Iranian ophthalmologists' experiences and technical knowledge with Omani ophthalmologists and applying this knowledge and expertise in the treatment of Omani patients with eye diseases; because in recent years, many Omani patients have had to travel to Iran, to Tehran or Shiraz, for treatment of their eye diseases.

Noor Iranian Polyclinic will offer most of the ophthalmology services provided at Iran- Tehran Noor Eye Hospital. In addition, it will provide a wide range of highly effective beauty services such as skin and hair care services, cosmetic laser services, and Rhinoplasty (nose job).