Welfare Services


Noor Iranian Polyclinic has always tried to provide its clients with the best welfare services and facilities, which are as follows:

1- Consumables and General Supplies: All required consumables and general supplies including intraocular lenses can be supplied at Noor Iranian Polyclinic according to the surgeon diagnosis and instruction. In addition to providing comfort and ease for patients, it prevents patients from wandering around the city and saves their time.

2- Pharmacy: All medications prescribed by ophthalmologists, especially post-operative medicines, and eye care products, including "eye shampoos and cleansers, artificial tears, supplements for eye nutrition, etc." are available at the pharmacy of Noor Iranian Polyclinic and patients can supply all the medications and eye care products that they need in the Polyclinic.

3- Optical Shop: The optical shop of Noor Iranian Polyclinic offers a wide range of children and adults eyeglasses and sunglasses with different types of frames. Manufacturing and fitting eyeglasses using the most advanced measurement and optical production technologies and equipment, as well as eyewear customization are other tasks of this unit.

4- Operating Room Special Pavilion: The companions of the patients who undergo a surgery in the operating room of the Polyclinic can utilize the pavilion amenities and facilities, including the coffee shop, library, television and free internet services, until the patients are discharged.

5- Coffee Shop: To enhance the comfort and convenience of our clients, the coffee shop of Noor Iranian Polyclinic offers a varied selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks and sweets.

6- Chapel: The Chapel of Noor Iranian Polyclinic for men and women is located on the floor minus one.

7- Brochure Holders and Environmental Monitoring Systems: For getting familiar with Noor Iranian Polyclinic ophthalmologists, services, eye diseases and ophthalmology knowledge some brochure holders and environmental monitors are located on each floor of the Noor Iranian Polyclinic.

8- Safety and Security: All the floors of Noor Iranian Polyclinic are equipped with an emergency exit, a fire escape, video surveillance system, fire alarm and building management system to ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of patients in accordance with international safety and security standards.

9- Polyclinic Cash Counters: On each floor of Noor Iranian Polyclinic, there is a cash counter to improve client convenience and save their time. 

10- Noor Iranian Polyclinic Welfare Facilities for the Patients’ Companions: Noor Iranian Polyclinic is one of the few ophthalmology centers that has offered special high quality welfare facilities to patients' companions. These facilities are provided on the seventh floor of the Polyclinic, in a quiet, beautiful and comfortable environment, in accordance with the latest Polyclinic hospitality standards for the companions of the patients who undergo eye surgeries in the operating rooms of the Polyclinic. Noor Iranian Polyclinic welfare services for patients’ companions include:

• A varied selection of hot and cold beverages

• Seasonal fruits

• Sweets

• Free Internet

• Television (including Iranian TV channels and CCTV network systems that will allow the patients’ companions to see inside the operating rooms.) For the well-being and comfort of the patients’ companions, the seventh floor of Noor Iranian Polyclinic is outfitted with comfortable furniture so that the patients’ companions spend their waiting time comfortably in this peaceful environment. In addition, the lighting levels of this floor are carefully controlled in different hours of the day and the temperature of the floor is adjusted according to the seasonal conditions.

In fact, Noor Iranian Polyclinic aims at providing a comfortable and secure environment for the patients’ companions until the end of the patient’s treatment process, by offering these facilities to them in the Polyclinic area. This Polyclinic always focuses on successful treatment and patient satisfaction.