Tavakoli Travel Agency

Tavakoli Travel Agency is one of the best medical tourism operators in Iran with professionals , Experienced team in medical field , and provides the patients a complete services with all major languages guide and whole services from A to Z.

The hospitals and clinics selected by our company are equipped with the best infrastructure, the finest modern equipment, trained personnel, the most important international standards for cleanliness and comfortable care for patients. The medical trips are well planned and we are committed to providing these services through our experts in the medical fields in Iran so that we strive to provide cost effective services suitable and high quality, in fact we shorten all the ways and guide you every step to get the best treatment at the lowest possible cost.

We are trying to find your needs and give you the best for medical travel to Iran. We offer you a mix of hospitals, clinics and best surgeons. The cost of medical procedures from the Tourism Office in Iran is less than 40 to 70 percent of the rest of the country.