Diabetes Clinic


Diabetes is a multi-organ disease, which affects all organs of the body. Examination of diabetic patients needs a team of therapists to monitor all organs and prevent the progression of the disease. Since diabetes damages the blood vessels, all parts of the body, such as the eyes, kidneys, heart, brain, etc., are in danger of being harmed by the disease.


A diabetic patient always needs an internal medicine specialist or endocrinologist. Diabetic patients usually have to be referred to other specialists for examination of other organs and at the end be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Typically, ophthalmologic examinations of diabetic patients are performed at intervals of one to twelve months, including thorough examinations of the retina, lens, anterior chamber, posterior chamber, and so on.

Tehran-Iran Noor Subspecialty Eye Hospital decided to set up a diabetes clinic in order to prevent possible problems due to different treatments, and follow up the treatment stages of these patients seamlessly.


A diabetic patient should be referred to the diabetes clinic and is examined by some specialists, if needed. Due to the wide range of therapeutic processes, a diabetic patient may have forgotten psychiatric and nutritional issues; because it typically takes several occasions to visit different specialists and perform periodic examinations every few months. Therefore, diabetic patients require multiple referrals to various specialists' offices; thus, they are not able to perform and follow up all these work, so it leads to interruptions between the examinations.

The importance of the presence of the diabetes clinic in Noor Eye Hospital is that the patients instead of wandering the streets of Tehran, only move between different floors and sections of Noor ophthalmology complex, and receives appropriate treatments for each of their organs.

In terms of ophthalmology, the entire diabetic patient's therapeutic process, including intraocular injection, retinal laser, and different types of imaging, is performed at the diabetes clinic of Tehran Noor Eye Hospital, and the patient does not wander different clinics or physicians' offices of the city.

It should be noted that diabetes disrupts the normal functioning of the eye and may cause many problems for the diabetic person. Therefore, diabetic patients need expensive and time-consuming treatments and numerous visits.

A good solution for diabetic patients is the prevention of disease progression. Also an adequate treatment, control of blood glucose, and blood pressure prevent progression of the disease and severe eye problems. These items are closely monitored and evaluated in the diabetes clinic of Tehran Noor Eye Hospital.


- Internal Clinic: The patient is under the supervision of the most experienced internal medicine physicians in this clinic and the necessary assessments of diabetic patients are done.

- Clinic of Heart: The patient will be referred to this section of the most complete diagnostic facilities for examination and evaluation of the heart.

- Laboratory: Essential tests are carried out according to the diagnosis of physicians. This lab is equipped with the experienced staff and cutting-edge equipment to carry out all types of testing and response at the earliest possible time.

- Counseling Center: The diabetes clinic's counseling center provides psychological and nutritional consultations for diabetic patients if needed.



* Medical Advice, Appointments, and Referrals:

  Diabetes Clinic of Noor Eye Hospital is currently open on Tuesdays. For more medical advice or making an appointment, please call +982182400 and share your questions with our experts. Noor Eye Hospital Call Center experts are available 24 hours a day to provide counseling and guidance to all the patients