Noor Eye Hospital's Optical Shop


The optical shop of Noor Eye Hospital besides common original brands of glasses, offers its exclusive brands include the French Bugatti, the Italian Leonardo, the Danish Lindbergh, the German Eschenbach and Titanflex to customers.

Glasses Laboratory of Noor Eye Hospital

It can definitely be said that Noor Eye Hospital glasses laboratory is the best-equipped glasses laboratory in Iran.

The Italian EZ.FIT machine is the best and most advanced optical lens cutting machine in the Middle East, purchased by Noor Eye Hospital, which has the ability to cut and design lenses in different shapes.

After scanning the frame and providing the eyeglasses coordinates, all steps of the cutting, lens drilling, grooving, and etc. are done in 57 seconds.

High quality brand lenses with the refractive index of 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67 are massively available in Noor glasses laboratory. Therefore, after selecting and purchasing frames and providing glasses, if the lens is available, the person will be guided to the laboratory and finally, after 10 minutes, the glasses will be fully delivered to the person.


Introducing a Number of Suggested Lenses

•Individual Single Vision Lenses

With optimized field of view based on individual physiological indicators.


• Progressive and Bifocal Lenses

Typically, due to the relatively high price of these lenses, people are worried about incompatibility of these lenses with their eyes, which can be resolved with the appropriate guidance of our colleagues and choosing the correct type of the lenses and, if needed, fitting the glasses on the person’s face with the RVT devices, existed in Noor optical shop. Then the person is guaranteed with a good vision.


• Business, Office and Digital Lenses

Advanced reading lenses are suitable for people who for performing their jobs have to work continuously at close distances of 1 m to 2 m, like working with computers, various surgeries, sewing and etc. These lenses are offered to each person based on the person’s job and with consultation and advice of our colleagues.

Most people (at the age of 25 to 40 years) who use digital devices, while wearing glasses for correcting their farsightedness, often suffer from dry eye and eye fatigue after a few hours. Our ophthalmologists suggest active and digital lenses to these people to achieve more comfortable vision, especially for young people with active lifestyles.

For drivers or people who drive a lot, our colleagues offer special lenses (depending on their eye prescriptions and ages) that make driving safer and more comfortable. Besides driving these lenses are also suitable for use in all other daily activities.

For more information about the above items, please ask the consultants of Noor Optical Shop.


Provide Custom Lens Services Using the Latest Lens Fitting and Auto- Centering Technology

In fact, Noor Eye Hospital pioneers among its optical opponents, owing two RTVs for measuring and designing advanced lenses.

For having a comfort stable vision, especially while using digital gadgets such as tablets and smart phones, an easy visual adaptation, a superb depth of vision and a clear vision, each person can go to Noor optical shop, so our opticians offer the best and newest lenses to the patients, according to their eye prescriptions. Then by choosing the eyeglasses that best fit the patients’ lifestyles and vision needs, they can enjoy their life with a real clear vision.

Usually choosing eyeglasses frames is a challenge for some people and often they need help choosing the perfect frames, which fit their face shapes. The RVT device in the optical shop can take photos and videos of a person while wearing eyeglasses. So that it takes 4 pictures or 4 videos of a person and then the photos and videos are displayed simultaneously, and the person can select the best frames easily.

Maintenance and Protection of Glasses

• Proper use and careful care of the lenses not only increase lens durability, but also provide optimal optical quality for a person.

• The lenses should be washed with cold water and a small amount of liquid soap and finally dried with soft cloths (microfiber cloths).

• Never use paper towels, tissue, or napkins to dry your lenses, because they can cause scratches on the lens surface.

• Keep your glasses in an appropriate hard lens case so that the lens does not touch any surface. Don't lay your glasses lens down on different surfaces (table, carpet, inside pocket, etc.)

• Make sure that your glasses are not exposed to extreme heat (heaters, radiators, etc.)

• Before entering a sauna take off your glasses and in the summer do not place them in you car (especially on the dashboard).

• Always put on and take off your glasses using both hands, to avoid twisting or misaligning your glasses frame.