International Patients in Noor Eye Hospital


Tehran-Iran Noor Eye hospital is very proud to welcome hundreds of international patients from all around the world over many years. The high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical services of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and its super specialty clinics are the main reasons that this ophthalmology complex has been chosen by many international patients from different countries of the world, and in particular from a number of Arabic and Islamic countries. Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital with its the most cutting edge ophthalmic technologies and equipment and the most experienced ophthalmologists and treatment team has provided many patients, including Iranian and international ones with ophthalmic healthcare services, over the past years. Tehran-Iran Noor Super Specialty Eye Hospital provides international patients with unique services in order to make it easier for these patients to stay and increase the level of coordination between them and the hospital treatment personnel. The following is the most important of these services:


• The opening of the International Patients ward (IPD) of the Hospital , whose main task is to review all the problems of the international patients living in Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and provide their comfort equipment.

• The employing of a specialist translation team with the task of accompanying international patients from the hospital door in all parts of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital and providing all necessary medical advice to the patients.

• Translation of all the documents related to the international patients in Arabic and helping the patient to understand all the disadvantages and advantages of each of the therapeutic and diagnostic methods of Tehran-Iran Noor Eye Hospital.

• Arabic-speaking international patients can contact Noor Eye Hospital via the following Whats App number for further questions and receive their answers in Arabic.


Hospital Telephone Numbers for International Patients: 009882400, 009882401645

WhatsApp Messanger: (Ms. Mina Momenipour) 00989120994170