Subspecialty Clinic of Noor Eye Hospital

Noor Eye Clinic located at Esfandiar Blvd. No. 82, was established in 2013. The purpose of the establishment of this center was to reduce the crowds of patients in Noor Eye Hospital and to provide faster and more effective clinical and paraclinical services to all patients.

Noor subspecialty clinic is a great achievement in the field of ophthalmology because it has been able to reduce the numerous referrals of patients and their companions to different ophthalmic centers, by focusing on the diagnostic and therapeutic activities, and at the same time providing the best and highest quality ophthalmic services, using the most cutting edge ophthalmic equipment and instruments.


International Patients Department (IPD)

In addition to the modern space and advanced technology, Noor Eye Clinic has created an appropriate healthcare Infrastructure to boost medical tourism and has been able to gather great number of international patients in this ophthalmology center of lran. The Clinic, in accordance with the IPD Protocol, provides the most comprehensive ophthalmic services at affordable prices to foreign patients.

Service Guide

Noor Eye Clinic offers over 50 diagnostic, therapeutic and para-clinical services to all patients in a lovely space with different architecture. These services include:


Ophthalmic visit

retinitis, glaucoma, strabismus and ocular deviations, cornea and external eye diseases, cosmetic clinic services include cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), botox injection

Corneal imaging

topography, pentacam, pachymetry, Orb Scan, OCT

Special retina services for diabetic patients

fundus photography, fluorescein angiography, retinal laser, SLT

Paraclinical services

Echo, Tonometry, IOL Master, Contrast Sensitivity, Aberrometry, ECC, OPD Scan II


Manufacturing and fitting glasses (frames and lenses) with advanced equipment

Floors Guide

Ground Floor:

This floor includes the entrance lobby, receptionist and optical shop. At the end of this floor, Noor cafe creates moments of joy for you.

First, Second, Fourth and Sixth Floors:

Third Floor:

Two glaucoma clinics and perimetry paraclinic are located on this floor.

Fifth Floor:

Retina, angiography and OCT units are located on this floor.

Seventh Floor:

Strabismus and its related services, such as orthoptics, are done on this floor. Also, the Counseling center, operating room scheduling unit (to schedule a surgery appointment day and book the operating room for each patient), operating rooms, insurance unit, IPD patients reception and lens units are located in this floor.

-4th Floor:

Specifically, laser therapy services are provided in this floor.

General Possibilities:

One of the distinct characteristics of Noor subspecialty eye clinic is numerous facilities and services that this center offers for welfare of patients:

- All the floors of this clinic are such that the patient does not need to go to other floors and each floor has its own reception unit, cash register, paraclinic and optometry unit.

- All floors are equipped with toilets.

- All floors are equipped with audio and video systems, paging, fire alarms system and emergency exit staircase.

-ATMs are located on the ground, third and fifth floors. - Lighting and temperature controlling system of the clinic is smart. In addition, there is a good signaling coverage for mobile operators (mobile calls and Internet) in all floor.

In these floors, there are four clinics and general and cornea sections.