Getting Rid of Dry Eye and Eye Strain

Getting Rid of Dry Eye and Eye Strain

While reading, watching TV, and working with computer or mobile phone, all of us may experience an unpleasant sensation in our eyes, which is sometimes considered a result of aging or the fatigue after a hectic day. The impact of these factors cannot be ignored. However, what is more significant is the reduction in functionality of various components of the visual system during the aforementioned activities, which results in eye strain or dry eye. Here are some frequently asked questions about these problems and some solutions in order to get rid of them:

- What makes our eyes tired or dry?

When our eyes focus on a subject for a long time, our blink patterns change. Consequently, after a while, our eyes will feel tired or itchy. It should be noted that while reading, watching TV or working with electronic visual displays, you should try to blink regularly and consciously. By doing this simple task, the mechanism of lacrimal gland secretion is activated which prevents the dryness of the ocular surface.


- Why does dry eye occur more frequently on journeys or outdoors?

 Dry eye may occur at any time, and at any place, which is often due to a decrease in blink rate and lacrimal gland secretion. Do not forget that wind is one of the causes of dry eye; it decreases tear fluid level and creates unpleasant effects. The situation is exacerbated when the wind blows directly into your face, for example, when riding a motorcycle or when the car window is open. In this situation, you can close the window or use a motorcycle helmet or goggles.


- Is there a specific time to relax the eyes during daily activities?

If you are reading or dealing with an electronic visual display, it's good to relax your eyes every 30 minutes for a short time. In order to improve your eye health and prevent the effects of eye strain or dry eye, and in case of working in high concentration, we recommend you to stop and take a break after maximum 14 hours of work.