Air Pollution and Eye Diseases

Air Pollution and Eye Diseases


Each chemical compounds of air  pollution has its own effect on Eye health. In air pollutants, there are also some substances, such as dust and suspended particles that affect eyes when they are dissolved in tears. These substances damage the integration of lipid- based layer of precorneal tear film and cause to evaporate tears.

Another effect of air pollution is exacerbation of eye allergies. People who have suffered from any kinds of eye allergies, are most likely to feel this. In this situation they have symptoms, such as itchy eyes, foreign body sensation in eye and rising tempreture of their bodies.

For preventing these symptoms, limit your exposure to outdoors where pollution levels are high and air quality is at dangerous and as far as possible stay indoors. But if it is absolutely necessary for you to go outside, wear saftey glasses. Saftey glasses with their closed side shields not only protect your eyes against pollutants but also schields tears from evaporating. You can order some of these glasses according your vision scores, as your prescription eye glasses, or can comfortablely use some of them over top your prescription eye glasses.In any case, the use of saftey glasses should be done by an optometrist or ophtalmologist's prescription. 

For decreseaing this syndrome or symptoms of eye allergies, It is important to wash your eyes frequently. If you suffer from dry eye, wash your eyes with warm water but if it is diagnosed as eye allergies, It is better to wash your eyes with cold water.

Although washing and massaging eyes frequently cause to reduce oily layer of tear film, these actions also activate lacrimal glands ( tear glands) so that concequently the lipid- based layer of tear stays healthy and tears can not evaporate quickly.

It is recommended to use air purifier filters or cool mist humidifiers in indoor environments such as home or work. Artificial tears are also effective and improve the syndrome of dry eye. Do not forget to consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist before taking any action.

The best kinds of artificial tear eye drops are disposable types because they are preservative- free  and also more effective. Artificial tears has no age or gender limits and can be used at all times. Since the capacity of human eye for instill ophthalmic drops is 12% of the Capacity of a complete artificial tear eye drop, some tears remain after use, which can be kept for about 10 hours in the refrigerator.