Prevention of Diabetic Blindness

According to the newly- released Atlas from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), over 415 million people around the world have diabetes; by 2040 nearly half a billion people worldwide may be diabetic. Today one in every 11 adults of our community has diabetes.

Approximately 12 percent of the annual healthcare budgets of countries is used to treat and avoid the complications of diabetes, while every 6 seconds a person and each year 5 million people die due to diabetes. Unfortunately half of the people with diabetes are unaware of their disease.

The complications of the diabetes can be easily prevented, and if it is diagnosed at its early phases, it can be treated and controlled. On the other hand, the more diabetic patients control their blood sugar and blood pressure, the less they have complications of retinopathy. However, most diabetic people in the country don't have well-controlled blood suger, and this has an adverse effect on the process of the disease prevention and effective treatment.

The patient education about diabetes is undoubtedly the most effective way to control and treat this diesease and lessen its complications. Noteworthy protocols about the issue have been proposed by the international communities, so that it is hoped that through an increase in the intersectional interactions, especially in relation to ophthalmic centers, the final goals are fulfilled.