Are Sunglasses Necessary?


Drivers: All vehicle drivers or users have to wear sunglasses because of prolonged exposure to sunlight, otherwise, they will suffer severe vision problems. However, sunglasses with polarizing filters are not recommended for drivers of vehicles equipped with an electronic odometer screen. For this purpose, glasses with anti-UV filters will suffice.

Motorcyclists: These people are more exposed to harmful sun rays and dust particles than vehicle drivers. In addition to providing safety, helmets equipped with UV-filter and polarized visors largely prevent the incidence of vision problems in motorcyclists.

Athletes and Nature Tourists: If you are spending a lot of times outdoors, especially doing activity like hiking, mountaineering or camping, you should wear special sunglasses for your outdoor activities, which in addition to absorbing UV radiations, increase your visual acuity by reducing the effects of chromatic aberration.