How to Protect Your Child’s Eyes

Towards the end of the first month after the baby is born, the mother may notice that baby’s eyes are watery. This condition is sometimes coupled with discharge which means that tears do not drain into the nose and remain inside the tear duct, thus predisposing them to infection.

In newborn babies, for three months after birth, the existence of a nidus of infection in any part of the body is usually very dangerous, therefore the wateriness and discharge of the baby’s eyes can be a symptom of infection. In other words, if the mother realizes that the baby has difficulty opening his eyes in the morning because of excessive discharge and the eyes are watery during the day and the baby frequently moves their hand toward their eyes, she must take these seriously as a warning for an infection and ultimately the tear duct obstruction. 

In one third of the cases, this condition is bilateral. By visiting an ophthalmologist in time, the mother can learn how to massage the corner of eye accurately based on the doctor’s instructions. Also, if necessary, special antibiotic drops will be prescribed which, in either case, the tear duct will be opened before the age of one in 90% of cases.

If these methods and the medical treatment do not work, it is necessary to use other techniques such as “probing” to open the baby’s tear duct.