Common Eye Infections

There are different types of eye infections. The first category includes infections that are transmitted from the environment to person; the second one is post-operative infections caused by medical centers or Ophthalmology operating rooms. The third category is called corneal infection.

The second category of infections is rare. Intraocular infections may occur after cataract or retina surgery. Another kind of superficial infection has also been reported after LASIK.

As it was told, these infections rarely happen, however, their intensity, damage range, and treatment process are much more difficult, and the patient should be treated under severe medical cares. In such a case, at the discretion of the ophthalmologist, antibiotics treatment or secondary surgery is prescribed for the patient.To assess the exact type of infection, doctors may take a sample from the affected area of the eye. After reviewing the obtained results the best treatment will be suggested.

A very common type of eye infections is transmitted from society to the person .They usually affect exterior of the eye such as eyelids or the conjunctiva area. This eye infection is caused by direct contact with contaminated hands or swimming in pools, thus many people may become infected.

The last item mentioned at the beginning of this article, is corneal infections. They are caused by improper use of contact lenses, sore eyes, and dry eyes or through sharing of contact lens. In this case, patients should be hospitalized at a medical center and samples should be taken of the infected area. Do not forget that the treatment is difficult and time-consuming.

The easiest way to prevent eye infections is regular washing of hands and face. Teach this habit to your kids and remind them not to rub their eyes with dirty hands.