Is it okay to Use Expired Eye Drops?


Yes, even if you are adequately cautious or the eye drops are expensive. Having opened their lid, patients are not allowed to use eye drops for more than a month; thereafter the drug should be discarded irrespective of the amount left. The expiry data of the product is applicable only to sealed eye drops.

How Should We Use Eye Drops?

Patients should use eye drops as needed because the extra amount comes out of the eyes. It is frequently asked how to use eye drops. The answer is: there is no single way to use eye drops, so use them the way you can, but pay attention to two important points:

1- Keep your eyes either open or closed (that is, do not blink) after you apply the drop.

2- Blinking activates the lacrimal pump, causing eye drops to get out of the eyes quickly and be transferred into the nose. Having dripped eye drops, you had better keep the eyes open for two to three minutes if you can. It is better to hold your head upwards, and the nozzle of the eye drop should not be too close to your eyes. There is no need to lift the upper eyelid. For better efficacy, the lower eyelid can be lifted to create a space where eye drops can be comfortably dripped.