Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Contact Lenses


These days, cosmetic contact lenses are hotly debated and actively advertised. While this has made the society think of them as make-up or decorative accessories, the important point is that they need to be cared for the same way therapeutic lenses do.

Customers should know that cosmetic lenses, due to the color coating added to them, have less oxygen permeability(DK) thus offer less comfort to the eyes. Nowadays there are many brands in the market, some are more advertised. We should have in mind that each of these lenses differs from others. One of the parameters is their appearances. Cosmetic lenses can create a natural, and in some cases unnatural (Halloween looks) but attractive, façade based on the wearer's preferences.

From an ophthalmologist's point of view, what matters is the material these lenses are made of. In other words the higher is their oxygen permeability; the less is the danger of infection and other complications. Moreover, due to the colored coatings on the lens, the amount of sediments will also vary. Though coatings, or the colored layers, and their consistency and quality differ in different factories, to an ordinary consumer they may appear identical and he may never realize the differences. Detecting the quality of contact lenses is not possible for ordinary people so it is necessary to consult with an ophthalmologist.

Poopak Pir, ophthalmologist